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About Us

Tiffany Prysock Devereux is the founder of TDx Media, LLC and an award-winning multimedia journalist and photojournalist. Her work has appeared in magazines, newspapers and on the Associated Press newswire. Some of her work can be found at www.tiffanydevereux.com and www.tdxphoto.com or by Googling “Tiffany Devereux.”

Tiffany began researching historical articles in the Chicago Tribune regarding the links between cigarettes and lung cancer for her brother, Greg Prysock, for trial. (http://www.businessweek.com/news/2010-04-22/r-j-reynolds-loses-46-3-million-verdict-to-smoker-s-widow.html). Since this first case, TDx Media conducted content audits of The New York Times, Orlando Sentinel, Florida Times Union, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Gainesville Sun, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, Big Spring Daily Herald, DeSoto Press, just to name a few. Tiffany also locates historic photographs (scene-setter photographs, famous and infamous smokers) and other media related materials for trial. Tiffany has helped numerous firms research articles for their cases, before and during trial. She enjoys both the research and making a positive impact on cases against Big Tobacco.

Tiffany attended graduate school at the School of Journalism and Communication at UNC-Chapel Hill, one of the most respected journalism programs in the country. During graduate school, Tiffany focused on photojournalism, feature writing and media research, which gave her a foundation for her business. Tiffany received a Bachelors Degree in Advertising from the College of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Florida. Studying mass communications at these two schools allowed Tiffany the opportunity to learn about the public relations campaigns of Big Tobacco and to explore media research methods which she now uses to conduct content audits for her clients. These schools also allowed her the opportunity to meet many of the scholars and journalists she employs and from whom she draws resources from today.

Prior to graduate school and founding TDx Media, LLC, Tiffany completed a three-year sailing circumnavigation around the world with her husband. During her corporate career she worked in several communications management roles for the magazine publishing company PRIMEDIA Inc., including: marketing, public relations, advertising and advertising sales manager. She also assisted with day-to-day and strategic management of a weekly and monthly publication. Tiffany holds a captains' license, pilots' license and three kids all at the same time.

TDx Media hires journalists, historians, photo archivists and librarians across the nation based on clients’ needs. Contact us if you are interested in researching tobacco articles in your community.

Contact TDx Media, LLC for a proposal of your research needs: 312-526-3335 or tiffany@tdxmedia.com.